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    Other RECOMMENDED software and services:

    freeme2 (Freeware/Windows)

    Freeware open source lossless DRM remover for Windows Media WMV, WMA files

    freeme2 is a freeware open source DRM remover. It is used to remove DRM from Windows Media audio and video files. freeme2 is a command line application. You need to learn how to use console applications to run it.

    Prepare your system for using freeme2 and drmdbg

    • We do recommend you to use Windows XP, NOT Windows Vista, NOT Windows 7.
    • You will need Windows Media Player 11 without any updates. If you updated your WMP, you may use clean installation of Windows XP (which must be updated selectively) or downgrade WMP.
    • Individualize your system at
    • Download from Unzip
    • Download the latest version of drmdbg and unpack it with freeware 7-zip
    • .

    How to use freeme2 (drag-n-drop)

    Drag-n-drop method is much easier than the one using command line console:

    • Put your DRM protected media files in the same folder as Freeme2.
    • Extract your license keys. You can extract licence keys with drmdbg. If you use drmdbg you can take the DRM2.key file generated by drmdbg in the 'DRM2' folder, rename it to drm2.key (lower case). Then copy the drm2.key file into the FreeMe2 folder if it is different from the 'DRM2' folder of drmdbg.
    • Drag your sample.wma, samlpe.wmv file onto FreeMe2.exe. It starts up and runs fine.

    How to use freeme2 (command line console)

    • Put your DRM protected media files in the same folder as freeme2.
    • Run the Windows command console: Hit "Start"->Hit "Run..."->type CMD->Hit the "OK" button.
    • Then, once in the command console, chage the directiry by using the "cd" command to the directory where your FreeMe2 is located.
    • Extract your license keys. You can do this with drmdbg as mentioned above.
    • Type the following in the command line console: "freeme2 " (without quotes) and press the Enter button.

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