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  • The most POPULAR software for removing DRM protection:

    Download Streaming Video with WM Recorder

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    WM Capture Video Recorder

    WM CAPTURE - Super high quality on-screen video recorder.

    remove DRM protection from Windows Media, iTunes music and video files

    Other RECOMMENDED software and services:

    Requiem (Freeware / Mac OS, Windows)

    Freeware Mac and PC DRM remover for iTunes files

    Requiem 1.8.16 for Mac and Windows supports iTunes versions 9.0.2 files. You can try to find a newer version of Requiem or downgrade your iTunes player.

    You may download Download Requiem 1.8.16 for Mac OS from the following URL (This is a torrent web-site that requires registration and a torrent client software. You may download and use it at your own risk. Always check your downloads with a reliable antivirus).

    Requiem 1.8.16 works on Mac OS and Windows. Do NOT upgrade to iTunes 9.1 or higher.

    Note: Requiem does not remove DRM from files with rental licenses. You shouldn't abuse rental licenses anyway.

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    Note: DRM removal software is intended to be used on LEGALLY purchased files only. Please do not abuse rental licenses.