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    Other RECOMMENDED software and services:

    How to remove DRM from WMV, ASF, WMA (Windows Media) files with valid licenses using Automate unDRM 2.0

    Automate unDRM v2.0 is a free automation tool for drmdbg and drm2wmv that are used for removing DRM from Windows Media video (.WMV, .ASF) and audio (.WMA) files.
    drmdbg and drm2wmv don't really convert your original audio/video actually, they just remove DRM header of the media file, so you get lossless conversion of DRM protected media files.

    FairUse4WM is a newer DRM removal software that supports Windows Media Player 9, 10 and 11. Please use it instead of Automate unDRM 2.0. Otherwise make sure you use one of the latest versions of drmdbg.

    Automate unDRM Requirements

    1. You must have VALID license files on your harddrive and be able to play the DRM protected files without restrictions. Otherwise DRM decryption won't work! Nobody has cracked DRM for .WMV yet if that's what you want. You have to have the license at least once, then you can unwrap your .WMV, .ASF, .WMA DRM2 protected files to playback later.
    2. You need Windows Media Player 9.00.00.xxxx or Windows Media Player
      Note: If you install update KB891122, it updates many of the DRM components in your system, then drmdbg will not work anymore. Use only WMP9 or WMP10 v.3646 without any Windows Media Runtime updates.

      The best way to make sure it is working, do a clean install of WinXP. You may use Virtual PC to install another copy of WinXP.
      Note : Win XP SP1 or SP2 with all latest updates doesn't prevent drmdbg to work properly. Remember only if you install update KB891122, it will prevent drmdbg to work.

      At the first time you play any protected content after clean install, wmp will connect to internet for individualization or security upgrade. Let it do it, then verify that IndivBox.key version in your C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\DRM is Only this version of IndivBox.key will work perfectly to undrm protected media in my knowledge. If you found IndivBox.key version 3930, drmdbg will not work anymore.

      If you have update KB891122 installed, remove it. According to Microsoft, to remove this update, you must uninstall the Windows Media Format Runtime by using "Add or Remove Programs".

      Some content providers of DRM protected media files will ask you to install KB891122 before you can play the media. If you install it, you won't be able to use undrm anymore.

      You can download WMP at:

      Note: If you Rollback Windows Media Player to a previous version, you can lose all your license keys after that.
    3. System Individualized with IndivBox.key version
    4. Windows Script 5.6
      Automate DRM uses a vbs script to manipulate drmdbg and drm2wmv, so you must install Windows Script 5.6 for WinXP (included in the Automate DRM 2.0 installer) to enable this script working.
    5. You may need to disable antispyware and antivirus programs when running DRM removers. But don't do it before trying to unDRM files with antispyware and antivirus enabled!
    6. This instruction is provided to make fair-use backups only (for example if you can't transfer your legally obtained DRM protected .wmv, .asf, .wma files to your iPod, Sony PSP, mobile phone, Pocket PC). Please also read the ToS of the site with DRM protected audio/video files.

    Removing DRM from Windows Meida video (.WMV, .ASF) and audio (.WMA) files

    1. Download Automate unDRM 2.0 and install it.
    2. Right click on a .wma, .wmv or .asf file, launch Automate unDRM, then your new [fix]-[UNDRM]-files will be created in the same folder as your original file. You original file will not be overwritten, but it is always good to make a back-up.
      Please read Automate unDRM readme.txt file for more.


    Use DecryptIt to remove DRM protection from your media files (also included in the installer).
    DecryptIt is recommended as a batch DRM remover.

    Windows Media Player Individualization Process (required to use Automate unDRM)

    IndivBox.key will be downloaded from microsoft server at the first time you try to play DRM protected media. Or if it is already downloaded before, then you should delete the DRM folder ( C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\DRM ), 'coz IndivBox.key needs to be downloaded again.

    It depends on what version of media player you use, but not actually version of media player. It will detect runtime file in your system, if you have clean install of Windows XP and never update/upgrade your media player and never applied media player's hotfixes, it will download IndivBox.key v10.00.00.3646 to your C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\DRM

    By default, clean install of Windows XP will install windows media player 9, then when you attempt to play drm file for the first time, media player will ask you for a security upgrade.

    After you have finished a security upgrade and IndivBox.key has been downloaded to your drm folder, please check what version of your IndivBox.key.

    How to individualize your system for the first time?
    1. Delete the DRM folder C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\DRM

    2. Go to:
    and click upgrade.

    If your IndivBox.key version is, you will able to un-DRM your medias. And if your version is 10.00.003930, just say good bye to Automate unDRM.

    Updates of Windows XP and Windows Media Player

    Automatic updates of Windows XP
    Disable automatic updates of Windows XP. Turn update notification on, so that you know when new updates are available and can install them manually skipping the Windows Media Player updates.

    Security Update for Windows Media Player 10 for Windows XP

    If you have windows media player v10.0.0.3646 installed, you can safely apply the following security updates/hotfixes :

    1. Security Update for Windows Media Player Plug-in (KB911564)

    File Name: WindowsMedia-KB911564-x86-ENU.exe
    Date Published: 2/13/2006
    Direct Download

    2. Security Update for Windows Media Player 10 for Windows XP (KB911565)

    File Name: WindowsMedia10-KB911565-v2-x86-ENU.exe
    Date Published: 4/11/2006
    Direct Download

    Brief Description
    A security issue has been identified that could allow an attacker to remotely compromise your Windows-based system using the Windows Media Player Plug-in and gain control over it.

    *This security update will update your Windows Media Player Core to It mean that your WMP version still 10.0.03646 and you still can undrm with this security updates.

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